Friday, June 20, 2014

Maudlin Strangers

Maudlin Strangers performed at Hotel Cafe last night in Hollywood. I heard about them a week prior to watching their show. They categorize themselves as dark indie rock, but I think their popular "overdose" song has a electro undertone to it. They're from Los Angeles and unbelievably great live. You can also check out their photo on my instagram ( click on the instagram link to your right )

check out their video:

Love how they integrated their lyrics to this gradient psychedelic backdrop

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dream Pop

David and I recorded a improv mix, it has this semi-dream like undertone to it. David is much better at creating, recording and experimenting with music. It's been awhile since I played with a synthesizer but it was recorded with a Korgms2000

you can check out our first experimental mix here, we're hoping to add more:
night and day

Ross, the Man

Shaun Ross modeled for Beyonce, Lana Del Ray and Katy Perry. Known for his unique features as a albino man he embraced the modeling world with exuding self-confidence and outer beauty.

"At the time, Ross’ perception of a model— a sought-after, flawless specimen of physical perfection 
was more or less the status quo. That wasn’t him. “Models look good, models look perfect,” he remembered thinking. “
Allegedly to society and to the public, [I looked] the opposite of that. "

photos and quote from Elle

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jungle fever

H&M two piece, leaf prints top and bottoms. DAAMN, reminds me of Supreme.

Stark White

Melitta is a German fashion designer based in New York and received her MFA at Parsons in Fashion and Society. Her grad work was shown at NYFW. She mixes different mediums for her installation, which includes fashion, sculpture and objects. Her minimal approach makes her work captivating while wearable.  

Sunbathing with the Creeps

It's one sunny day today and just got my creepers on, Creepers remind me of that grunge culture back in the early to late 90s. Purchased these kicks at Call It Spring guess what, it's on sale! (fist pump) Super comfy and worth having it as part of your indie shoe collection.